Sunday, July 25, 2010

2 OZ of GIn = 64 calories WTF


that is the sound my body makes when it realizes that not only is it inebriated with a fine amount of Seagram's but also that it's flooded with over 150 calories of fucking gin. Why did I think hard alcies had any less calories than wine?

Today my best friend was in town and I did really well if I may say so myself though we indulged in Farmer's Market cheese samples and such....


I played with my food at her house, even as she downed three choco chip cookies and slices of Gouda galore.
I spread my dinner out as far as I could, a la Cassie from "Skins" (thank you all you lovely British galz who so adore that show and have gotten this California girl fully hooked on it!!!!), playing with my food, toying each bite, wasting time washing dishes and other tasks ANYTHING BUT EATING

all in all I think I still had over 700 calories.
but I did some exercise, so that's good at least.
but FUCK. Still fat. still over 130 pounds.

fucking fattie. blond fattie.

I hate my weight. We went swimming today and it was all I could do not to pinch my stomach in public, just hating on all that's the thighs and stomach, goddammmmn.


anyway, I am drunk. Can you tell? Drunk on like two shots fucking lightweight yarrrrrrr Pirate's Bootie y'all.

Sorry no intake today I have it all on my iPod touch though thanks to "Lose It!" the app for Anorexics and other ED-challenged babes of the Planet.

xxxoxooooo Eva

Sorry for the ridicu-post.
off to watch Skins now.


  1. Slow and steady wins the race - I keep having to tell myself this too.

    We could starve and the weight would fly off, but then SNAP and back on it goes. We are getting it off for good

    The time it takes to get there will be worth it eventually


  2. Slow and steady, totally! Your body will be eased into lower and lower weights, so it makes it much more easy to maintain. Even though it's tough, it's the best way. LOVE Skins :) xoxo

  3. haha ur great!!! sound like a fun drunk!! :P
    slow and steady..takes sooooooo long!!!!and sooo tough!!!!

  4. you are doing awesome, no worries :)

    p.s. can you watch that show online?