Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Oh-Ho, Fro-Yo

Thank you lovelies for the comments on my past inebriated post. It means so much to hear "yes! you're doing it right!" though sometimes we don't think so ourselves...

Today was an ok day. I changed my calorie intake daily goal from 500 to 600 on my iPod app (mostly to compensate for the massive amounts of calories taken in per day, to make myself feel better). So on "Lose It" the weight loss app I keep raving about, there are graphs and figures and statistics day-to-day week-to-week, and being a visual girl this just really floats my boat! And you see, when I eat LESS than my goal, there is a GREEN space but if I go over it turns RED and becomes very obviously BADBAD.

My best friend left yesterday which was good for me calorie wise, since her house, and recreation with her always always involves food. My Mommy and I went to the Bay Area (in California) yesterday to hear a piano concert, and ended up nomming in Berkeley which is a fucking foodie HEAVEN. We split a burrito which I was hoping would be vegetarian=veggies but instead it was vegetarian=riceandguacamole, not a great calorie counting time...

Also, is anyone else like totally obsesssssed with fro-yo? It's such a craze in Northern California seriously, like there are 7 frozen yogurt stores in my tiny little college town. Ridic. It's my undoing, especially since the nonfat healthy flavors are often available to sample for free in these tiny lil' cups, with flava flavs like Peanut Butter, Sweet Coconut, Green Tea, and fucking Sugar-free Raspberry. SO DELISH. I need to get back on the South Beach diet modified to restrict all dairy.

fuck you, Pinkberry

I love you all, bonne nuit!

[all photos minus LiLo are of Maggie Cheung, fabulous Chinese actress]


  1. Aw, darl, this post just made me smile. You sound really up-beat and happy posts always make me grin. Thanks for the sweet comments on my last posts. It's really wonderful to hear that everyone is so supportive of me.
    I didn't think my exercises were that inspiring, but okay! :] Good to hear I've given you something of interest.
    Much loveee.

  2. The app sounds great! I would so get it, but I don't have an iPod touch or iPhone, but I'm tempted to get one just for the apps!

    Well done, it sounds like you doing well! Keep going!!

  3. It was fucking delicious. And damn, it did the job :D

    I have ALSO recently been LOVING frozen yogurt, there's a little place near me that blends it with your choice of fresh fruit. NOM. My personal favourite is passion fruit and raspberry. Sounds weird, but it's AMAZING.

    Also, Cassie from Skins is a genius. I use the weights in the pants idea whenever I have to go to see my doctor - she says if I lose any more she's going to have to decrease my Prozac dosage. And we just can't have that, can we?


  4. i NEED that app lol
    fro-yo sounds AMUUUUUUUZZZZING. We have this thing called Igloo Zoo which sounds pretty similar. They do an exquisite cocoa fat free frozen yoghurt which I just love with strawberries and almonds.
    ps just noticed that under your rewards you have a bottle of vodka for 125. HAHA that's my girl!!!! :P

  5. Hey. Thanks for your comment on my blog.. Sorry I was absent that long and didn't have the chance to check your blog out, which I already love now! Fro-Yo hasn't reached germany yet. But nearly everything new in america sweeps over to europe at some point. McD, Burger King, Starbucks, Subway, ... haha... So I bet this will come over here, too ;)

  6. 1) that first picture is RIIDIC!!! LOOK AT HER THIGH (O.O) WOW!
    2) oooh!!! I LOVE "FRO-YO"... My favourite is English toffee, with fudge, but OH MY GOSH the flavours you listed sound SO good/interesting!
    We don't have a huge variety of flavours where I live...
    3) That last picture: I don't know whether to believe if she ate that or not... hmmm :?

  7. that app sounds so useful!
    we have a frozen yogurt place just like that around here, where you can get as much or as little as you want, and its nonfat. mmmm :)

  8. DOWN WITH DAIRY! The only queen I dont wanna be is the dairy queen.

    Or queen of fat and all that crap.

    We have a frozen yogurt place called... snog. WHAT!?!?!? WHAT?!!? Milkshakes are the craze in the UK.

    Blend the snickers, or the cereal, or the nutrigrain bar. It is mad...
    and so yum

  9. Hey Eva!

    Thanks for your comment on my page a month ago- For about a million stupid reasons this is the soonest I've been able to come back. >.<

    Anyway, your blog is fab, and I'm from NorCal, too, and in our TEENY little town there are like 3 places! So weird, I agree. :P

    (That third pic in the burnt orange dress? Wonderful.)

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