Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Poop Q & A

Because I'm gross like that.

--When do you poop?

--How much?

--Do you every force it?/I've heard that's bad but I do all the effing time...

--Do you use laxatives? How often?

--What foods make you feel best doing #2?

Anyhow, now that that's over....



  1. Morning and after meal's
    1-3 times a day depends on intake
    Not unless I need to go
    Nope, laxatives are badddd & no one wants anal-leakage ewww
    Any foods, mostly fibre based

    U now know more about my ass than anyone else in the world :) x

  2. Every few days, if I eat enough fiber. Otherwise, I take a laxative on weekends to clean me out. :)

  3. I'm so gross but this is one of my favorite subjects! LOL! I usually have one main 'go' in the morning, either as soon as I wake up, or minutes after I have my usual glass of water in the morning. Depending on what I ate the day before, or what I eat that day, I might have another, but that is unusual for me. I try not to force it, but sometimes, especially during the middle of the day if I feel like I need to go, I force it just to get it out. I haven't used laxatives in about two years. And the foods that make me feel best..... I would say bananas and coffee :)

  4. Haha :) This is funny, but I think this stuff sometimes too :P

    - I try everyday as often as i can, as much as i can, because it make me feel good and empty. It's like my compensation for not being able to purge. (haha, this topic is ODD!!)
    - I do force. It's bad? really? hmmm :?
    That's all i can answer :/
    lol, wierd child :)

  5. xD this post made me laugh!
    well if you really need to knw...

    --i dint have a usual poop time XD sometimes its mid morning, or around midday to evening! depends when the alst time i ate was.

    -- varies as well, sometimes its like nothing and sometimes theres alot, depends if ive taken laxatives or if its "nature calling" xD

    --yes i force it, i hear its good for your abs ;)

    --best foods? probably a fruit like banana or something light like some bread.something that wont tear apart and burn your insides! (:

    hope that uh... helped?

  6. Hun, hope you're okay. I assume you're in Beijing now, hope all is going well over there. Update us soon!

    xx v

  7. As a really fat guy most of mine are double and triple flushers. I can really fill the bowl with a lot!

    Poop dejure? It depends on what I eat. Mostly it's poop potpourri.

    If I eat too much cheese I need a fat boy enema.

  8. Yup, I did decide to follow you after reading this post XD Ummm, I'd rather we get to know each other a bit more before you know all that about my ass ;)
    P.S. Follow me? :D

  9. hahahahah came across ur blog, and the first thing i read was about poop. awesome! im guessing were gonna get a long real well haha

  10. HAHA I love your comments, friends It's great to hear some humor in this place.