Wednesday, July 7, 2010


So I guess as an addition to the previous post comes this question for all you brilliant people:

I've been collecting a lot (and yes, a lot of you probably know how much gum a hungry girl can chew) and a lot of gum wrappers recently, specifically the silver Wrigley's Extra kind.

Now it's time for an art project. Give me ideas. If Andy Warhol could ask people for inspiration, then so can I, ha ha!

I don't care how time-consuming, in fact the harder the better....

My current thought is making a book (I have some book arts experience) and having the cover be one color of wrapper and then the pages inside be of another kind. Just having blank pages of gum wrappers, as a testament to consumption/identity/fear/capitalism, et cetera.



  1. I love the book idea.

    hmm, I love crafts, but am always bad at executing them.

    -make origami paper with either perfectly cut pieced or torn pieces (with modge podge or something like it)
    -a mosiac picture could look really cool (reverse the wrapper & see if the silver vs white lining gives enough contrast, or maybe paint over the inside?)

    & the obvious gum wrapper chain, if you haven't made one before, google it - there are 100 instructions

  2. I don't have any ideas!
    Sorry sweetie!

  3. I really wish I could help, but sadly I ish having a creativity blockage.

  4. Wearable art? A stripy wrapper dress?

    Thank you for the comment :) you're right, the whole situation is completely nuts!!

    I love your blog title. The pun made me giggle XD

  5. :D hey, hope u will not get mad at me, but i had to delete the comment u left on my blog, cause i'm afraid that some of my friends who don't know about my ''eating habits'' will find the comment i left for u, and they will judge me. thanks though and i hope u can achieve your goal:D i haven't had a strong day until now:P but hopefully from now on i can keep myself far from food.
    good luck!

  6. Oooh, the book idea sounds really cool.
    I'll be so amazed when you pull it off!

    How about a an actual live structure of something? i'm actually just pulling ideas out my ass, sorry. but the book idea is a great idea.