Saturday, July 17, 2010

J'aime bien le camping

Mommsie and I are going CAMPING tomorrow morning until Tuesday eve, so I will bid thee beauties farewell and excuse my lack of commenting/posting in the near future.

I am hoping to mostly just eat VEGGIEZ.

Here are some Weekend Links for y'all.

Great workout tips!

Relaxing and fat burning yoga!

another GREAT yoga workout!

If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch, get these Apps!
(I have just downloaded Lose It! and it's effing amazing.)

and for the lols...

SCIENCE (Insane Clown Posse style)
SCIENCE (Sagan style)

I love you girls so much. Your comments, and your posts, keep me smiling and strong.
zzzzzzz Eva


  1. Oh! My dad is mostly the problem, I guess it's coz he lost his first two kids in a way.

    Lol, thanks I think. My aunt gave me a cupcake book. I'm not even sure what rosewater tastes like, I'm guessing sorta like turkish delight? I used to make icecream all the time! I realised how bad of a habit that is for me :P But maybe I'll try it.

    chia is a type of seed, usually found in health food stores. It doesn't taste like much, and can be added to liguids and it forms a gel. I usually sprinkle it on my cereal because it's REALLY filling, gives energy and it's good for you. This might explain something >> :)

    Oh definitely. Unless it's being forced down my throat, then it's my fault for consuming it.. Oh well.

    and thankyou for your lovely comment(s), I guess it isn't too bad is it? :)
    Have fun camping!

  2. Have fun!! We will miss over the next few days!!
    <3 xx

  3. have fun :-) Thanks for the links!!

    Also thanks for my comment - don't worry about not commenting or reading all the time, it doesn't matter! :-) Plus i totally understand about keping up reading the blogs - I am fine in the summer when I am bored and have all the time in the world... but at uni... oh I log on and there are dozens of posts!

    Love xx

  4. p.s Vesna is a french teacher at durham who has helped me so so much. Last year when things were hard and my counsellor (not current) told me if I didn't carry on going they would tell my department, so I got there first by only telling Vesna, who has given me so much time, hugs, phone calls and love. She has spoken to my parents for me when I didn't have the year abroad because I couldnt. In all she is a shining french star

  5. If only I had gotten your comment a day before. I binged, and I binged bad. You do not want to know. You know your post on dim sums? Well I got taken for dim sum for breakfast the first day I arrived. I'm never giving tips to anyone again, because mine sure as hell did not work for me.
    Hope you have fun camping though (:

  6. PS. Feel free to email me (if you come across a temptation to binge too-

  7. love your writing style!
    have fun camping and eating veggies :)