Saturday, July 10, 2010

I Battled the Bulge, the Bulge Won

"How are you feeling?"
Like a whale.
"Comment vas-tu?"
Comme une baleine.
"Ni hao ma?"
(don't know how to answer "I feel like a whale" in Mandarin yet)

So guess who went to the buffet and binged like a budai. ME

I ate better than I would have in past years, forgoing (most) starchy things for seafood and veggies, but I let a few things slip, especially with sushi. So much fucking sushi. GEE!

Anyway my tum is distended and I probably gained like ten fucking pounds and I even made friends with Mia on my front lawn for a few minutes but I doubt that did much (maybe a crab leg, or a few prawns if I'm lucky). Finished off the night with a sickening two cups of the good ol' Green Box tea, otherwise known as "Diet Tea", "Dieters Tea II", "3 Ballerina Tea", et cetera. Shit is nasty but it works great to clear the innards out, no?

And how's everyone else's weekend? Would anyone like to begin a 7-day fast with me tomorrow?
As for me I'm rolling myself off to bed. Or like, flopping there.


  1. Don't linger on the bad or you may just repeat it worse.
    I would love to fast with you, like that would my week, but my mommy would notice. :( Good luck though!

  2. Sorry to hear the bulge won ):
    I'd love to join in with your fast, but as I'm going overseas in a couple of days, I don't think I'll be able to continue the fast over there. I leave on Thursday... so maybe I can fast with you until then?

  3. Ah, diet tea, it is my friend indeed.

  4. >>i don't actually know where to reply to your comment, so i'm doing it here :)<<

    1) having friends sounds good, but then comes the question: would you rather have many that don't really care, or 1 that you *know has your back through thick and thin? ALthough it must suck that they're out of town :/

    2) the fast: I'M IN! i was going to start one this week, so i'll definately join you :)
    The bulge is yet to see what hits it ;)

  5. Hello Eva!! I am Sophie :) I would LOVE to trade blogs.

    It is a pleasure to meet you and I think I love your blog already <3 :)