Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Camping Shlamping--I Missed Y'all!

Hello ladies and gents! I'm back from the gorgeous North coast of California and BOY does it feel good to check up on your lively lovely and lascivious posts and comments!

I had a great time and the eating was pretty under control (500, 1000, 700) with the exception of a hot dog and tempeh on the first night. I have to say the iPhone/iPod app, "Lose It" has really been saving me day-to-day. I have an iPod touch that I got free as Apple's student gimmick-"buy a Macbook get a free iPod bla bla bla"-and its transportability is great for keeping track of intake/exercise/calories in general.

Mom and I stopped at American Apparel on the way home and squeezing into a potential-buy bikini was NOT so much fun as lounging on a sandy, pebbly beach with no mirrors within a 20-mile radius, I have to say. Mom was also verrry offended by the presence of many butts, and also Butt in Am Appy though. C'mon mom, it's BUTTS! Silly BUTTS! Although I don't know how I feel about their advertising schemes myself, I feel like the unisex/androgyne/butt-tastic appeal is OK.

I am going to the beach with friends tomorrow. I am KEEPING INTAKE DOWN AND JOGGING ON SANDY BEACHES HIGH


also HI! new followers! thanks and nice to meet you!
xxxooo Eva


  1. You can do ittttt!

    Have a great time with your friends xxx

  2. luv ur blogs! need some suppport too! xoxo