Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fermenting is superFly!

Does anyone engage in the crazy, risky and fun process of fermenting food?
There are many examples of this practice:

honey wine

making kimchi in Korea

basically a lot of dishes that are kind of "weird" foods by American standards, haha.

The thing is, most of these foods are better for you fermented than they are as their original products because the process creates really awesome little bacteria that eat up carbohydrates. Like, for example, when making Kombucha you add a lot of sugar to black tea, but then add the kombucha culture which proceeds to EAT all the sugar until the caloric content is tiny!

I make a lot of kombucha and sauerkraut. They take a few weeks but hey it's a "reward" goal to have your kimchi or kombucha ready after you check your scale for the most recent weight loss.

But for me the biggest benefits are:
fermented foods are LOW CALORIE
fermented food is good for your digestive system
fermented food is fun to make when you're restricting

MISO! sip it up.

--Kombucha recipe (you can just buy a bottle at the store and use it for your first batch, instead of getting a "mother)
--Sauerkraut tutorial: I make mine in littler glass jars covered with a plastic bag, usually works fine.
--some health site on the benefits of fermenting
--great miso soup recipe; just take out the tofu and it's way low cal.

I have also read that eating fermented foods before/after fasting is like the very best thing for your system.

Any questions? What's your favorite fermented food? What's your least favorite?

xxxooo Eva

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