Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Beijing Bonanza

I went to a yoga class with Mom today! It was great. I didn't eat at all beforehand, and then was absolutely starving after. It was a hard class too though most of the participants were uppity grannies...

1/4 canteloupe ~70 cals
2 celery sticks ~5
1 rice cake ~70
some berries ~40 cals
SO MUCH GUM (jawz are sore y'all)
--sautéed beans, zucchini, mushrooms ~100, there was olive oil
--OMG and I tried making zucchini "noodles" ~10
i saw this on a wonderful blog recently but can't remember whose...anyone? anyone? I wanna cite my sources here.
and they were effing amazing. Zucchini noodles, everyone. I just used a zester to peel them, but you can also just use a veggie peeler. Insta delish.
1/2 artichoke (these things are fiber magic, I swear...and we're stopping there.) ~60 cals
teeny cake slice (fiber one batter) ~150 cals

I think I mighta snacked a little bit extra too, so I'll say 600 calories total today. Not too shoddy...
Also I drank a SHITTON of water. Like 3 or 4 liters maybe?

It's strange because not eating makes me feel like I'm missing something. Like, I have zillions of activities I could do: garden, make more art--paint, printmake, draw, clean, practice piano, sell clothes on eBay...
but these things are more difficult to do than to eat, ya know? There's some psychological theory that says we always tend towards the easiest path. Nommin' is definitely the easiest path, for me at least.

I want to apply for MFA programs. I need a good strong portfolio to go anywhere that meets my standards...this is scary. Especially since all I seem to be doing these days is puttering around, blogging, and playing The Sims 3 (highly recommend this as an alt to's addictive though...).

But FIRST. I'm going to Beijing, in less than a month. For a whole year. With my boyfriend. We're teaching and living together and I think it'll be absolutely wonderful. I am, however, worried about 2 things:
1) Chinese buffets and cheap, cheap, food and drink
2) Chinese beauty standards. My friend from Taiwan says that she'd be considered "a huge fatty" although she is probably 5'7" and 130ish.

The next year will definitely be a challenge. Esp. since the bf is tall, skinny, and possessing the highest metabolism known to man. Jealz.

Liu Wen...Chinese model par excellence! What a gorgie.
(does anyone know who the other girl is? Hye Park?)

"communism makes a good worker and a skinny girl!"
-a wise person
(all of these quotes are bullshit, of course)

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  1. I think you will lose tons of weight in Beijing! =] I lost 20lbs when I spent a year in Thailand! I really want to go back someday.