Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Blogger Addict A-whaaa?!!

So the lovely Madamoiselles Sophie, Ava-Rose, and Emry nominated me for a Blogger Addict Award! SO SWEET! It feels nice to be read, and shared with friends.

Anyway here are my opinions, though they may mean nary a thing to thee...

(is this how you do it?)

1) A day without eating slip-ups
2) Classical music (I have been playing piano my whole life, it's got a special place in my heart, I guess...I love Rachmaninoff, Beethoven, Bach--so structured!, and Debussy)
3) Painting, and FINISHING a painting!
4) Affirmation--I know it's bad, but in any realm of my life others' approval and admiration is prized by yours truly...pathetic?
5) Gardening--because it's wholesome and meditative, burns calories, and VEGGIES ARE FUCKING HEALTHY YO!
6) Thinspo that's aesthetically advanced, a la Zen Thinspo.
7) Nintendo 64--it's a blast from the past!

~Je deteste~
1) When self-doubt and criticism prevent productivity and happiness--the "You're no good!" voice.
2) Being away from my boyfriend...my best friend and love of my life (Read: why my summer has blown--DEFINITELY not literally)
3) Thunder thighs-- 'nuff said
4) The feeling of a stomach distended with food
5) Hyperreality
6) Neoliberalism, conservatism, fundamentalism, basically all those -isms.

Also. J'aime beaucoup/I love, a very very lot...
You have been keeping me strong, and positive. Until recently I had no idea there were this many amazing creative people with similar problems to my own. It is seriously so enlightening and motivating to read your words day-to-day.

xxxooo Eva

PS: Here they are, the nominations. *Unfolds envelope*
désespérée de maigrir--a pretty new blog to read!
Ms. Peridot, par excellence

sry, I know it's gross. BUT THE COLOR! WTF!


  1. I skipped yesterday in the ad-breaks of a programme I was watching, it was like 2 hours long so plently of breaks. I don't know how long your breaks are, but here they are around 3-5 minutes, so you get quite a bit done.
    And I kind of hop on one leg if you know what I mean.

  2. Of course you can add me on facebook!
    I'm under "Claire Snyder".
    When you add me just send me a message letting me know who you are so I actually add you.
    Much love.

  3. Lol 'Stress stomach' is what I call it. It started on my last week of an exchange trip, nauseous and acidy and gagging every time you smell/eat strong flavoured food. Kinda like being preggo. During that last week of exchange I lived on apples, white rice and white bread *Gack*

    Heh, we need o figure out ways of avoiding nomming during social situations. Being a hermit isn't fun :

    ZOMG BLACK GUM!! What flavour was it? :o

    Hmm, I'm pretty damn sure I tried to follow your blog before, dunno what happened. WHAT THE FUCK?! I'VE BEEN DEPRIVED OF YOUR AWESOMENESS! *Dies*

    <3 Thank you!

  4. i like all those creative things you like- classical music, FINISHING a daggum painting, gardening... nice choices. the nintendo 64 is a nice added touch :)

    oh, and "my lady... my shining star..." bahahahaha it cracked me up! gag me.

  5. A Nintendo 64 is the only game system I have (unless ya count my lil man's v-smile). I haven't played much lately, but I love playing MarioKart on it. I don't have more than a few games for it though.

  6. I just started following you as of NOW :) I love your writing. It sounds exactly like you're writing as you are speaking/thinking.

    I love gardening, too! I wish I could do more of it. I live in a ground floor apartment with a little plot for a garden outside, but I don't want to put too much work into it because I will be leaving in two years once I graduate. Le sigh.


  7. :) thankiii

    ... oooh, are you French? Where do you reside anyhoo?
    And woah! black gum? flavour what??? That's kinda freaky (O.O)

  8. yayy classical music-me too debussy- clair de lune, La fille aux cheveux de lin- just two of my faves :)
    I have never seen black gum in my life lol

  9. you look so teeny tiny!

    congrats :)