Sunday, July 18, 2010

Snackin' Smackin'

My mom is a huge late-night snacker. I think I picked up all of my bad habits/food addiction/depression from her. It's so frustrating. She wants to eat healthy so it's not too hard to fast around her, though sometimes she fusses. What are your parents like?

Last night at my friend's party I saw my first serious boyfriend for the first time in five years. That was...weird. He seemed almost exactly the same. I guess I am a little taller than I was as a sophomore in high school though. We're going out for dinner to catch up and such. SHIT, dinner! SHITSHITSHIT. I hate eating engagements. Seriously all I fixate upon is the food. At parties, too. So horrid. Anyway. Camping tomorrow. With Mumsie. There will be vegetables.
xxxooo Eva


  1. my parents would send me to an eating disorder clinic if they could.

    luckily, they can't.

    oh and for din din engagements, stick with salad and make sure it's not of the ceasar variety, they are full of crap.


  2. is it hot where you live right now?
    if so, the excuse for only taking the salad is: you know, when it's so hot outside i can only manage to eat small cold meals...

    are you thinner now than 5 yrs ago?

  3. Thankfully my parents live across the country so they pay little attention. As for my gram, she only ever sees me eat, so I guess there I'm lucky.

    Eating out, if I have it planned, I tend to fast a day or two before, so I can eat "normally" in front of people. No matter what though, don't finish all your food. Just act like it was WAY to much or as Honey said, act like you can't eat a lot when it's hot outside. Just don't say anything unless he asks. I have a tendency to over do small things like that and it gets weird looks and comments.

  4. My parents don't know. Occasionally they're weird about me skipping meals but at the moment they're pretty good. They let me eat when I want (they don't see the fasting because they work) and cook the food I want to eat for dinner, which is the only meal of the day they're around.
    It's good your mum doesn't push you to eat. Must make it a little easier.

  5. My mother gets very suspicious when I go on fasts and what not. But generally I can get away with it, if it seems like I've eaten a lot of fruit/or light snacks during the day. I "eat" a lot of food in my room too, as in I bring it into my room, but it doesn't neccesarily go into my mouth.. just into the rubbish. My mum eats a lot less than I do though.
    And as for the dinner catch up scenario, just like everyone who has commented before me, just order a salad or an entree (make sure it's not high carb) sized meal.

  6. My parents/family don't notice. The force the idea of eating down my throat sometimes, but I could still get away with not eating anything. The "have you eaten" questions just get REALLY irritating!

    oooh, dinner with the ex! Good luck with the whole ordeal...

  7. my mom i also a HUGE late night snacker. even before she goes to bed she sometimes eats something, and now i understand why i can not pass the kitchen without grabbing anything to eat. i hate her for that actually, cause for me it's so hard to say no to food and hearing the fridge door open in every 15 min makes it even harder.

  8. It's actually Miss Mosh, the fetish model I mentioned. Not sure how Scarlett Johansson would take to being mistaken for her but then Miss Mosh is a babe too-amazing figure. x