Sunday, July 11, 2010


What's everyone's height? (No pressure to post of course)

Any tall people? They say taller heights hide weight but not on this body. I have the hugest thunder thighs ever. And a fattttt ass.

Starting a fast today, so far with Eibbroc and Vicki and Ixia!
Today is Fiber One for b, l, and dinner with tea, kombucha, apple cider vinegar, and 3 liters of water interspersed.

The Fiber 1 should add up to about 240 cals total. Strength, my good ladies and gentlemen!

xxxooo Eva


  1. Hey sweets, I am a shortie, 5"4 or 3, who knows, (the doctors don't/ can't decide) I will try my bestest to fast this week - but Monday for me is in 4 and a half hours, so I will start it then. I don't think a full fast is going to be possible while I am at home - tomorrow I am not going to eat a think - pure water fast, but tuesday I am meeting my croatian teacher in london and I don't know how possible it will be to skip lunch without making her upset - so tue will be a minimalistic day, then wed-sun I will try to join you,

    Love and good luck, we can do this! x

  2. Not a tall one here, I'm not even 5'.

  3. Not tall :( 5'4". Can't I grow another 2 or 3 inches at least? Oh please, Oh please!!? :P

  4. :) I be average-ish. 5'6".
    OH! And since I've fasted most of today, I think I would love trying a week fast with you.
    Good luck with it.

  5. Midget here- 5'1. Sorry didn't read this post earlier, I blame a combination of being in a different country and crappy net connections. I'm sorry I failed you and the fast, I really was trying to continue with the fast for as long as I could over here.