Monday, July 12, 2010

It's Official

I'm fasting!

Yesterday I started (ostensibly), had two cups of Fiber One, a cup of Miso with bean juice and zucchini, and a plum.

Miso soup
lemon juice
miso soup/zucchini/sauerkraut (for digestive health y'all!)

Just got back from yoga and the scale says 134! So that's my starting weight on the fast.


  1. someone tall like meeeee!!
    I'm around 176/7 cm!!!
    And I think pretty similar weights too!!!! :)
    Keep it up lovey!!!!

  2. Fuck I know ay! Stupid food rewards!! D: alk about ingraining bad habits!!

    Lol good luck with you fast. Just imagine some sweaty cyclist teabagging anything you are tempted to eat. (Look it up on Urban Dictionary if you don't know what I mean. . . You'll hate me for it!)


  3. You found me on a google-reader reccomendation? Well I feel flabergasted. I'm sorry I haven't posted recently, but I'm looking forward to reading your blog. I'll be joining you with fasting tomorrow.

    Stay lovely :)