Thursday, July 22, 2010

I did a boo-boo

I f'd up on the camping trip, eating a total of definitely more than 1000 calories worth of junk food: chips, marshmallows, choco, cookies, et cetera.

I did pat myself on the back briefly when we all stopped for In-N-Out (California's famed fast food's delicious) and all I got was coffee. So at least there's that. And I didn't have any hot dogs at the campfire because "i'm vegetarian going on vegan".

I got home and ran for 20 minutes. Then I felt awful and wanted to puke though I knew all the calories had already been absorbed in my tum. I then tried to do the salt water cleanse but that really put the digestive system into total chaos--I ended up puking up a lot of water, and a lot of weirdly colored food remainders (sorry for the tmi guys).

So today has been RECOUP day. Which means: lots of probiotics (yoghurt spoonfuls here and there, some kimchi, and later some kombucha too) to repair the digestive system, fiber, and veggies. Also LOTS OF WATER. Aiming for three litres.

Intake so far:
1/2 c fiber one and soymilk (150 cals)
kim chi (like 10 cals)
1 prune (30 cals)

I'm starting up the baby food diet after my day of recouping which means I'll be pureeing lots of peas, prunes, and carrots.
Yay fresh produce.

Hope your past few days have been better than mine...
xxxooo Eva

PS: The gum in my previous post was Wrigley's "5" React: Fruit gum. INTENSE


  1. I had the BEST babyfood cheesecake, at 60kcal for the tub thing. I haven't just eaten babyfood tho, have you done it before?

    Durham is in the north of england and works a bit like Oxford and Cambridge because only these 3 have a college system, so you apply to the uni and also to the college, where you stay/ go to parties/ have a library.

    Durham has a cathedral and a castle, and the castle is the oldest college that the uni has and that is the one that took me. Yes, an actual castle! I am excited!! The library is awesome, and before I applied stupidly to a 60'sesque building because it said it was friendly... and then the forcing to meals occured.

    Anyhoo story over.

    LOVE x

  2. Does the babyfood diet work? And you make your own? Hmm, I kind of want to try it when I'm done with the ABC diet. Is there anything special that you do or anything. Sorry if this sounds weird but I've never heard much about it before. And I've also never heard of the salt water diet.

  3. I love having diet restrictions like that that people can't argue with. It makes life so much easier :)