Tuesday, July 6, 2010

AM Surprise

So I woke up this morning to my boyfriend calling me (he's in SoCal, and I'm in NorCal since June, but I'm going down for his birthday, and none too soon!!!). Hearing his voice started my day out great!
The second lovely surprise was my stomach...I had eaten way too much last night (and really just throughout the day) because it was my Mom's birthday, and I cooked like a bunch of veggies: artichokes, squash, cilantro pesto... I also a birthday cake of course--but made the cake with Fiber One pancake mix (added blackberries and some Splenda too!). It was, needless to say, a fibez-exxxxplosion. Haha.
So I had an awful time last night, crying and all because I felt incapable of changing my eating habits. My waist was like 29, almost 30 inches. This morning after the coffee and warm water ;) it was down to 27, almost 26 inches. Keepin it that way ALL DAY yo.
I read a great tip on Skinny Gossip about exercising in the morning, and I think I'm about to sign up for a 9 am aerobics class...so that means, NO TIME FOR BREAKFAST! Feeling good today. Let's hope it sticks.


  1. Welcome to blogging :)
    I found you blog off of someone else's when you commented XD
    I'm also sort of, kind of new too.

    I hate those days when you feel pathetic, and incapable of being able to do this, but the truth is that we *all are! We just got to be *damn patient (-_-").
    Good luck with the aerobics classes :)

  2. Ain't that the truth, my friend! Patience, and strength in numbers.
    Thanks for the good wishes.