Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fasting, Flabbing, and The Great Green Ganja

hey lovelies,
day 2ish of fasting proved O-K, but I had WAY too many solids:

1 bowl miso soup
1 plum
1 bowl bean/broccoli/pea soup
lots water

and also a lick of weed butter. Shit's tasty! I meant to ask you all though, what is your stance on the ol' Mary J, anyhow? I like how it increases my heart rate and makes me feel light. I don't like how sometimes food gets paired with it, a la the Munchies of Doom.
and now, I guess here are some body pictures. Prepare yourselves.


these are the Cheap Mondays I cannot properly squeeze myself into, as you may note by the bulging button fly. Mostly the lack of fitting-properly derives itself from this area:
[edit: picture removed, I couldn't stand it]
butt/thighs. Don't know if the thunder thighs came outta doing hurdles in track and field, or the Pill, or a curse from the Gods. Either way. bane of my existence, and my desire to fit into skinny jeans properly.

--end ughhhh--

Tomorrow I am planning an all-liquid day. Can't decide what it'll consist of yet. Probs green tea, lemon juice, and kombucha. And TOMATO JUICE NOM NOM

xxxooo Eva


  1. I love tomato juice!
    I adore smoking weed too. The feelings it gives...
    But I hate the munchies too.

  2. Um um um just found your blog - i like it :)
    Weed is alright, relaxes me. But it really depends who I'm with / how I already feel to whether it's good. Suprisingly I never get the munchies / need for food when I'm high. Apparently weed slows down metabolism (according to my friend's doctor, when she went and talked to him about why she had gained a bit of weight).

  3. Thanks hun :)

    B/P Bootcamp basically involves err...not B/Ping. I figure if I can manage that whilst alone in the house, every day, I can make it stick. It'll be expecting too much to cut out all subjective binges-I count things like a piece of bread or 3 crackers as a binge-so I'm going to focus on not purging the most.

    I perfer smoking cigarettes to weed for dieting purposes. Being underweight cigarettes make me stupidly light headed and definitely not feel like eating and there's none of the munchies. Much worse for your health though I'm sure! xx

  4. I miss being high, anytime I smell weed I become a little nostalgic

  5. Me too! I don't miss the munchies though, I used to get them so bad!


  6. tums neutralize the stomach acid associated with hunger and diet coke is just awesome haha you're doing so well! we can be text buddies if you'd like:) I can email you my number because I don't like posting it on here

    stay strong

  7. how exactly do I find your email? lol my email is I honestly don't know how to find yours and/or how to message you on blogger. technology is not my friend whatsoever