Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lady GnawGnaw

If all of our blogs were aggregated onto a graph of "yay me" and "FUCK MY LIFE" with all the little bumps in between, I feel as if many of ours would form similar erratic and jumpy patterns between the polar opposites.

o hai, beautiful skinnies

Today was not so good, as you might guess from the title.

Fast being officially broken as of yesterday, I had today:

1/2 c fiber one and soy milk 100 cals
2 small nectarines 60 cals
1 cup yam and lime soup 180 cals
1/2 tomato 30 cals
2 tsp peanut butter 75 cals

but then...friend's party! DREADDDD:
1/2 brownie with frosting 150 cals
cake slice (thin) 40 cals
peach cobbler 100 cals

total: at least 555 calories
without any REAL HARD exercise.

Speaking of...
Has anyone ever dealt with a knee injury? I over-worked my running and haven't been able to jog for over 2 months. This is unfortunate since the lack of aerobics is sucking my muscle out and replacing it with flub.
Exercise suggestions please...what's the next best calorie-crunching fun you partake in?

Hope everyone's weekend is fun, and successful.
Much love and WELCOME NEW FOLLOWERS! 24 Lovely Lads and Ladies!
xxxooo Eva


  1. ♥Thanks a million for you comment :) I get self- pitiful sometimes, just ignore me, haha :P

    An AnaBook my dear (or at least, *my Anabook) is like a scrap book where i record my daily intake and exercising etc. I put some thinspo in there and the works... Like a blog almost, but I keep the unimportant blah in there. To help me stay on track.

    555 isn't bad! It can be fixed :) I'm proud you kept it up for long(well longer... now you know who to never fast with ever again :])
    I rate you keep going for the rest of the time and pretend that didn't happen.
    Yay to strong Eva \:)/

  2. I'm not positive, and this may be completely wrong for you injury, but I've been told to try gentle exercise to try and regain strength in a joint. Maybe there are simple leg exercises you could try? I hope this helps and doesn't hinder!!

  3. your calorie intake still isn't that bad considering you went to a party!!! I am like a moth to a flame when it comes to party food!!
    Swimming is supposed to be good for most types of injuries.. maybe do a few laps here and there- or water aerobics- looks funny but AMAZING exercise!

  4. Haha, now I wanna be the one on the right just because. It's not that bad of a calorie intake.
    Thanks for the comment. =3 Nice to know I'm not alone!

  5. I would say exercise bike if that doesn't hurt your knee, but it's all up to how exactly you injured it. I like the exercise bike solely because I hate running lol


  6. p.s. I emailed you:)

  7. Gosh, you're amazing.
    I hate knee injuries. They're bitches and all those other mean words.

  8. depending on the injury, you might be able to do pilates, which would help build strength in your knee again without putting too much stress on it.

    it made me laugh to think of charting my ups and downs, it would be ridiculously scattered, no amount of consistency resides in this brain.